Facts & Resources

Positive dialogues start with the facts.  What do we know?  What do we need to find out?

Here are some facts to help you begin thinking about Albuquerque’s current series of police-involved shootings.


  • Background on each shooting: APD Under Fire (Albuquerque Journal investigation)

o   http://www.abqjournal.com/apd-under-fire

o   Police misconduct lawsuits have cost CABQ $24million+ since 2010


Mental Health

o   As of 2010, of NM’s ~2 million residents, close to 72,000 adults live with serious mental illness and about 22,000 children live with serious mental health conditions

o   NM’s public mental health system provides services to only 24% of adults who live with serious mental illness (as of 2010)

o   In NM between 2008-2012, about 19,00 youths (11.6% of all youths) had at least one major depressive episode & NM’s rate of major depressive episodes among youth was higher than the national rate in 2011-12

o   In NM, about 63,00 adults (4.2% of all adults) per year in 2008-12 had a serious mental illness & the rate of serious mental illness among NM adults was similar to the national rate in 2011-12

City of Albuquerque Data & Resources

o   APD Area Commands

o   APD Crime Prevention Programs

o   APD Annual Reports (only until 2012)

Albuquerque Police Department Crisis Intervention Team
The latest APD Annual Report (2012) provides these facts relating to the department’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) and Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) :

  • The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is composed of 108 skilled police officers distributed equitably throughout the city.  This team responds to over 300 crisis calls each month and transport nearly 50% of the persons contacted for professional mental health care.
    • The team consists of:
      • 123 Field CIT Officers
      • 6 CIT Field Sergeant Coordinators
      • 4 CIT Detectives
      • 6 COAST Crisis Specialists
      • 1 Psychiatrist
      • 1 CIT Sergeant
      • 1 CIT Lieutenant
  • According to APD, “CIT/COAST was certified and successfully trained the entire department to meet requirements of HB93 which required all sworn personnel to receive additional training in the area of mental health.”
  • The CIT/COAST Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/APDCIT) was implemented to provide info/resources for those living with mental health. The Facebook page has links to pages like AlbuquerqueMentalHealth.com, NMCrisisLine.com and the like, plus contact info for the NM Brain Injury Resource Center, etc.
  • In 2010, the CIT/COAST Unit conductednumerous investigations and interactions with the public. CIT/COAST assisted 5,180individuals, made 4,471 referrals to services, and conducted 786 home visits. The Teams responded to 334 referrals from officers, completed 423 follow-ups from field officers, responded to 615 referrals from other providers and assisted 1,062 mental health consumers

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